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Strong engineering capability

  • High engineer to worker ratio in general design capability in EE, SE, ME & IE.
  • Over 100 engineers, hold over 25 PHD/Master degree and 20 engineers taking Master Program in Mechatronics, Electronic, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering.
  • ML/AI engineers and traditional embedded system design.
  • Semiconductor level integration for platform-level innovation.
  • Collaboration with 4 Universities in semiconductor design, AI/ML, and mechatronics.

Highly automated & controlled production environment

  • 10 high-speed SMT lines equipped with an auto-warehouse, robotic manufacturing, and AGV-based logistic systems.
  • Over 50 fully automated plastic injection machines with robotic arms and auto mold changing capabilities.
  • A clean room environment featuring electric injection machines for manufacturing high-precision medical and optical products.
  • Comprehensive automated logistic system, including auto AGV delivery, lift control, and palletization.
  • Factory-wide AIOT-based sensor system for real-time monitoring and control.
  • An integrated management dashboard system for both local and remote access.
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